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Client Testimonials

"I got arrested for DUI in Chicago. I had an out of state prior DUI from Florida. I hired Brian and told him about it. We first beat the Suspension by filing a petition right away. Then Brian put together a mitigation packet and convinced the State to reduce the DUI. My driving privileges remain intact, and I am grateful to Brian!"

- Marc   

"I found myself in the unfortunate situation of having a second DUI within 3 years. I was facing the potential loss of all driving privileges for one year and also potential in-house drug rehab. This would have resulted in loss of employment and not being able to care for an elderly parent. Brian assembled a complete defense package to help me get a reduced charge, with fines and penalties of community service which I have gladly participated."

- J.S., Indiana

"Brian is a very good lawyer i have used him for cases and my brother as well i would highly recommend him to fight for you in court. Thanks Brian!

- Ricardo B., Chicago

"I got onto an accident and they gave me a DUI. I was also trying to get my citizenship. Brian explained that we had to beat the case, or it would hurt my chances at citizenship. He fought hard and we won. My next court is Immigration to become a citizen. Brian is the best!"

- Jose P., Chicago
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